Walt inc. Shuttle Service

Ride All Night


Couples ride for $25
Children with Parents Ride Free

You Must Live in the WALT inc "Area of Operation", see map below

From Walt

WALT inc. is dedicated to the elimination of Drunk Driving in your neighborhood, by providing safe and affordable round trip transportation, from the patrons home to the bars or restaurants and back home, without Drunk Driving or DUI consequences.

If you live in the Walt inc. "Area of Operation", Leave your car in driveway and let the shuttle bus pick you up at home. The one time charge is for round trip transport to any, of the many bars or restaurants, that are also in the area of operation (see map below).

WALT inc. customers ride all night, at no added charge, just as long as the last ride, of the night, is back to their home.
Walt Zanek

Read Walt's entire message to learn more about the history of WALT Inc. (pdf)

Send Walt an email: wzanek@waltinc.com

advertise with us

To help keep the patron price affordable, WALT inc. needs the help of all restaurant and bar owners. Your advertisement will be placed as window skins on the outside of the shuttle bus or signs on the inside of the bus.Your advertisements will be seen by all in the neighborhood and all passengers within.

Call (281) 664-1690 and arrange for a WALT inc. representative meet and discuss adve rtising your business on our shuttle bus.

Send Debbie an email: dquijano@waltinc.com

local area NW Houston map

Area of Operation

If you live in or near the shaded area,

Don't Drink and Drive, Call WALT inc.

Dial: 83-CallWalt

Singles for $15 and couples for $25 can ride from home to any restaurant or bar in the area of operation (see map shaded area). Ride all night and as many times as you want, as long as the last ride is back home. Children riding with parent are free.

Read entire WALT inc. policies or “The Rules.”

WALT inc. plans to expand the "Area of Operation" Soon.

WATCH US GROW !!!!!!!!

Hours and Days

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday

Phone:  281-664-1690
Fax:  281-453-2980
Emailwzanek@waltinc.com and dquijano@waltinc.com

Mailing Address:
WALT inc.
10727 Woodedge Dr.
Houston, TX 77070

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